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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Imperial Gardens

Look, it's a miniature Tokyo!

Nikon D100, LensBaby

No, that's just the view from the hotel room through the magical LensBaby.

Off to the Imperial Gardens! A couple of quick subway rides gets us from our hotel to the Gardens. It's the beginning of cherry blossom season, and the place is busy. Maybe it's always busy, I dunno.

Here's the entrance:

Nikon D100, 28-80mm

The little sign said this was a dolphin. I think it looks more like a carp (those little eyebrows are on all the carp in the ponds):

Nikon D100, 18-35mm

The Imperial Palace (which the gardens are part of) is right in the middle of the city, so it's tough to get pictures of this beautifully-done garden without getting little bits of the city at the same time:

Nikon D100, 18-35mm


Nikon D100, 18-35mm

But, if you focus on little tiny bits:

Nikon D100, 75-240mm

Or if you're willing to put a lof of sky in the shot:

Nikon D100, 18-35mm

You can do it.

It's a very nice place. There are lots of cherry and plum trees; there are trees representing all of the prefectures; everything is sculpted right right, everything is manicured just right. The small pathways through the gardens are rubberized, so your footsteps are silent. The fish are happy. Very nice.

More to come...

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