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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Upon waking, we opened the curtains of our hotel window and saw...

Nikon D100, 18-35mm

Mmm... metropolicious. It's the Ginza district.

Then we went to the Fish Market! There we saw...
Dried squids!

Sony P7

Live crabs neatly packed in a cooler !

Sony P7

... and many other live, dried, chopped, ground, flaked or fried sea creatures. Very interesting... as a science project.

Someone there likes the Carolina Hurricanes... ?

Sony P7

Then we wandered around the Ginza district trying to find my wife a jacket, since I left her's in the car at the airport on the other side of the world. We went into some big department stores where we found floor after floor of expensive clothes - not just expensive by US standards, but high-end designer stuff that we couldn't afford anywhere. Apparently, the Japanese love to buy expensive clothes - and it shows; most of the people on the street are very sharply dressed, head to toe. And every mall we went to was packed full of these stores - they just can't get enough $200 blue jeans and $300 jackets.

Eventually we found an Eddie Bauer on the 6th floor of some department store / mall, where all the women's clothes were petite-sized. In fact, Eddie Bauer only sells women's petite sizes in Japan, as confirmed by the staff. That would be great news, if my wife wore petite sizes. Luckily, she found a jacket.

That problem solved, it was back to the hotel for a drink at the hotel bar before dinner. Here's the view from the top:

Sony P7

We had dinner our first two nights at the Ginza Lion - helpful staff, English menus, good food, inexpensive, with huge beers:

Sony P7

Get the bacon, spring onion and egg stir-fry !

Tomorrow, off to the countryside...

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