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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Look down there! It's land!

It's northern Honshu, Japan's big island.

Nikon D100

It's surprisingly mountainous and unpopulated.

And here we have some farm land, about 100 miles north of Tokyo.

Sony P7

And here's us. Well, sorta. we're up near the front of that plane - first class, baby. Don't fly to Tokyo any other way! It might cost you 250,000 frequent flyer miles to do it, but you'll appreciate being able to turn your seat into a bed and drink as much free booze as you want - not that you want to start a 14 hour time difference with a hangover... but it's nice to know you have the option.

Nikon D100

So, we started the day at 5:45AM EST, in Raleigh NC. There, I left my wife's jacket in the car at the airport. We flew to NYC. Then caught a flight that went north up the Hudson River (flying directly over my home town), into Canada, out over the Hudson Bay, across northern Canada, Alaska, the Bering Straight, grazing Kamchatka and finally into Tokyo, Japan - 14 hour flight. I slept a couple hours over Canada, but not much. I love flying too much - I'd rather stare out the window than sleep and miss anything.

When we got there, we found that one of our bags didn't make the flight - the one with our medicines. Yay! Then another hour train ride to Tokyo from the airport. It was 5:00PM Tokyo time, or 3:00AM EST, before we got to our hotel. Then we stayed up another 4 hours, to try to force ourselves onto Japan time. So, 25 hours of being awake. Whew. What a day.

But, in the morning (Tokyo morning), we were all rested and ready to go. Cause, hey - we were (still are, in fact) in Japan!

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