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Monday, February 16, 2004

Hey, how much you want for that hymen?

Plastic has a strange story about a student in the UK who wants to auction off her virginity:

    Ms. Reid's inability to get a handle on her student debt directly led her to take the extreme measure of selling her virginity. Although she "qualifies for a Government loan of £3,000 a year," this, according to her, "is less than half what she needs to cover fees and other outgoings." Indeed, "to pay her tuition fees and living expenses," she "works three shifts a week as a waitress. She often does 12-hour shifts, which means sacrificing lectures to make £4.50 an hour." As she explains, "The way things are going, I'll leave university £15,000 in debt. That's why I am taking this drastic action."

And, by the way, she's a lesbian, and her girlfriend says "I won't be there in the room with her when it eventually happens but I will be very nearby."

Clever girl. I wonder if she could get a spot on the next "The Apprentice"...

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