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Monday, February 23, 2004

iCrash, iStall, imaP.O.S.

So, I finally got my iPod USB cable! I immediately installed the iPod software... errr... well, I immediately found out I needed Win2000 Service Pack 4. So I downloaded that and installed it. Then I installed the iPod software... well... err, I tried, it locked up. I rebooted, tried again. And.... it installed! Then I ran it... errr... well, I tried to run it, but it never came up all the way. So then I killed the stalled process with the Task Manager and tried again. It came up! I pointed it at my music folder, and it started, all by itself, to sync-up.. err... well.. it copied a few songs over, then gave me a message about the drive door on my G: drive (which I don't have). Then iTunes crashed again. Restart iTunes, it stalls, kill the process, start again, it starts copying files... gets through 30 or so, stalls again, complains about my (non-existant) drive G:....

Fucking piece of shit.

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