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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Shuffle off to Zelazowa Wola

Gotta love the Shuffle on the iPod. I've got 4,000 songs in there and for the past week, I've been letting it just shuffle among them. There's a pleasing mental dissonance created by the juxtapositions of random songs from wildly different genres. For instance, the last few songs were:

Beastie Boys : The Update
Chopin : Nocture in Gm op.15 no.3
Fugazi : Give Me The Cure
Nod : Running Into Trees
Replacements : Buck Hill
Sonic Youth : Master Dik
Chopin : Etude No. 1 in Fm
Buena Vista Social Club : Candela
Beck : Paper Tiger

It's amusing (to me, one who is easily amused) that Chopin would show up as the bread in an 80's indie rock sandwich.

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