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Wednesday, March 03, 2004


    Yo limp dizzle, I got the salooshin to yer bodies palooshin'. Take one dose of thizz, give that ho a kizz, drop yo draws, she'll luv how hard it izz. She be breaking down your door, begging for more. Spreadin' them legs like a dirty wh*re...

    - Life just seems to flow with Ciliazz. Don't want any dis, then flow owt with our lizt.

    World famous rapper, Shawtie Flave of Dawty SoĆ¼th Reckardz

That's a spam I just received, trying to get me to visit As much as I hate spam (running about 1:15 signal to noise in my inbox these days), I gotta give this one mad props fo' delivery.

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