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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I've been paying attention for the past 33 years, and I'm pretty sure if I was to visit any "classic rock" station I would find a shelf with these CDs, and very few others:

That there is just about all you need to run your own Classic Rock (!!!!) radio station.

Some of those, like .38 Special and Molly Hatchet, would only be needed for a single song (ex. "Hold On Loosely", "Flirting With Disaster"); and most of the others would only use a small handful of songs.

I grit my teeth and curse my rotten life every time I Turn It Up!, but I can't help it - now that our local NPR station is into their 1/4ly fundrasier, I have to listen to something else and I'd rather listen to the same 100 20-year-old songs on our local Home of Classic Rock than sit through even a minute of any of the rest of the crap I can find on my car radio: teeny-bopper dance stuff or country ballads.

Today someone called to request Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog". Uh... Duh? ... of course they're gonna play that. If you know enough to know which station would honor that request, you have to know that they play once it every fuckin 2 hours. People amaze me.

"Hey, could you guys play a really loud ad for a local car dealer ?"
"Right on, man! We'll get that right up for you. Who plays the best Classic Rock and Car Dealer ads?"
"Rock 69!"
"Rock on!"

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