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Friday, May 07, 2004


The Gibson Digital Guitar

    The best part of the Gibson Digital Guitar system is its delivery of signal processing on a string-by-string basis, providing increased quality and flexibility. This provides unprecedented control with the ability to adjust volume, pan and equalization of each string individually. Imagine using six guitar amplifiers - one for every string. Or recording all six strings individually into a computer. Or sending the six-string digital signal to a compatible guitar processor. The guitarist can have a crunch (heavy metal) sound on the low strings, medium distortion on the middle strings and a clean sound on the high strings.

Hey, I think I need a little more attack on the high E, and a little more chorus on the D. Oh and maybe a little more depth on the flange on the B. The whole thing sounds a little thin, too - so let's put some more volume on the low three. What song am i playing again?

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