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Friday, September 24, 2004


Oh, how I love VH1 Classic. Outside of an iPod shuffle, I don't know where else I could hear the following sequence of songs:

Morrissey : Sing Your Life
My Bloody Valentine : Soon
Spencer Davis Group : I'm a Man
REO Speedwagon : Roll With the Changes
Fleetwood Mac : Sara

Now, it's not that I actually want to hear REO Speedwagon (ever again), but the fact that a sequence like that can even happen makes me smile. And yes, they changed from one 'show' to another in the middle of that, but still: juxtaposition is magic.

The MBV video was a revelation as I didn't know they had done any - MTV would've only showed this on their stupid alternative ghetto show that I could never stay up for (midnight Sunday/Monday? stupid). It wasn't much of a video, just hazy overlayed shots of the band members playing, with the disembodied head of Kevin Shields singing in the bottom layers - hey, just like the song! But, the sound had been compressed for TV and came out even denser and punchier than the original. It's a shame I only had my little 4" TV speaker to hear it through. In honor, I will listen to Loveless on my iPod now, even though it's a very sleepy Friday AM.

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