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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

S/N Ratio

It is now 4:35pm. Since 10:00pm last night, I have received 280 spam emails, and I will not be surprised if I hit 400 for the day. This happens every day.

I can't close the email accounts that get the most junk mail because they are business-related - and so I can't put 'good sender' filters on them because I don't know who my customers are ahead of time. I do have automated filters set up to catch stuff, and they do a pretty good job. But because the filtering often mistakes good mail for bad, I still have to scan through the junk to make sure I'm not missing anything important. False positives pretty much defeat the point of having a filter at all. I can only sigh and sift through the endless drug and porn emails to try to find good messages.

Someone needs to come up with a new solution; email is fundamentally broken.

Update: 5:00pm, 300 junk emails.

Stay tuned for the exciting final tally!

Update: 10:00pm, 374 junk emails! While I fell short of my 400 prediction, having a reason to mark the arrival of each spam as a step towards a goal, instead of simply feeling helpless disgust as they pile up did make the evening a little more fun.

And since I typed that last paragraph, 9 more have arrived. Grand total: 383. The polls are now closed.

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