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Monday, November 29, 2004


  • Went to Target yesterday to buy some office/computer supplies. I wandered down the aisle where they keep the flash memory (ie. digital camera 'film') and noticed that they package their little 2"x1" Sony Memory Sticks in these huge 10"x14" clear plastic clam-shells - reminds me of this.

  • After civilization destroys itself, one of the ways future archeaologists who come across our landfills will be able to mark off our years is by counting the layers of turkey carcasses that we laid down every fall (or by finding the layers of brightly-colored paper we laid down every winter).

  • A 15 pound turkey is a lot of turkey, for two people. Four days of nothing but turkey for two meals a day is just about enough. And even though roast turkey makes really good enchiladas, it'll probably be weeks before I open the two bags of frozen turkey I put away.

  • We watched a lot of VH1 this past weekend. We saw their 100 Absolute Least Metal Heavy Metal Songs (Europe's: The Final Countdown), their 100 Absolute Least Dirty Dirty Songs (I forget what #1 was), their Top 100 One Hit Wonders (The Macarena), and started their Top 100 Most Cheesetastic Video Tricks (Didn't make it past the first three). Conclusion: VH1 is the nostalgia network; everything they do is backwards-looking.

  • Christmas starts way too early, lasts way too long, and the pressure to consume is far too much. I look at pictures of lines of consumers who get up at 4AM the day after Thanksgiving to go stand in line for the latest consumables at the local big box store and feel nothing but disdain; why must we devote 50 days each year to the act of shopping ?

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