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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bite It

Let me just say that I really like the Hardee's ThickBurgers ad campaign. Since the country has gone crazy with low-carb this and Atkins that and soy protein whatever, it's fun to see a commercial that comes right out and says "it isn't about your fucking arteries". These ads are all about manly self-indulgence: loud cars, dirty trucks, shaving when I damn well please, and I'm gonna eat this 1400 calorie monster and get a whole week's worth of fat in 5 minutes and you can suck it, Mr Atkins.

Not that I actually eat the things, of course. I just like the idea that some people are sticking up for gulttony and holding back the day when all we'll be allowed to eat is grilled chicken and steamed vegetables.

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