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Monday, April 25, 2005

Start your iPods

This week, the iPod starts me out with:

  1. Spoon - 30 Gallon Tank. Not their best song.
  2. PJ Harvey - Man-Size. A bit abrasive for 9am Monday.
  3. John Pizzarelli - Kisses In The Rain. Ah.. soothing.
  4. Radiohead - Optimistic. I wish...
  5. Replacements - I Don't Know. One of my least-favorite Replacements songs.
  6. Dinosaur Jr. - No Bones. Some nice kick-the-amp sounds near the end.
  7. Makers of Smooth Music - Little Rug Bug. Someone wrote a silly little song about their baby.
  8. Blonde Redhead - Swing Pool.
  9. Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year. Is this used in a commercial yet? Sounds like it should be.
  10. Jimi Hendrix - Red House. "I know her sister will."
  11. Sonic Youth - Against Fascism. "It's the song I hate."

So. This morning, the iPod rubs me the wrong way with a fistful of abrasive songs.

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