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Monday, June 27, 2005

Let's get this party started

The iPod starts the work week with:

  1. The Shins - Wierd Divide. Don't hear a lot of Shins on the iPod, so this was a nice surprise.
  2. 3Ds - Summer Stone
  3. Robyn Hitckcock - Bass. Lovely little song about... I don't know... a town and fish?
    The juicy flounder and the tender chub
    Will swim around you when you leave the pub
    Their mouths are open and they will not shut
    Unless you kiss them all behind the hut

  4. Buena Vista Social Club - Dos Gardenias.
  5. Mission Of Burma - That's When I Reach For My Revolver.
  6. fieldfresh - The Legend Of John Holiday. One of my college bands trying to be all tough and stuff. Recorded nearly live to 4-track, in a basement.
  7. Muleskinner - Dark Hollow.
  8. The Doors - Soul Kitchen. Love the way Robbie Krieger plays guitar.
  9. The Clean - E Motel. Not sure if I've ever heard this song, or of this band. It's from a 3-CD Merge CD sampler that I only like a handful of songs on.
  10. The Ladybug Transistor - Jersey Streets. This is from the same CD as the one above. I meant to take it off the iPod this weekend, but never got around to it. I wish I had.

See ya next week.

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