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Friday, July 29, 2005

Garbage Plate

Sony P7

From Nick Tahou's in Rochester, NY. This is three sausage patties, a huge heap of fried potatoes, a pile of baked beans, onions, and chili sauce, served with thick white bread and a Pepsi. Mine is a variation on the standard, which is usually cheeseburgers instead of sausage, macaroni salad instead of baked beans and a plop of mustard on top. But, I'm picky. Other options include hot dogs (red or white), hamburgers, fish, fried egg - and the strangest, a deep-fried pork chop. I've tried most of them, but generally stick with sausage or white hots: "sausage plate, beans, no mustard" - I can order it in my sleep. It's a huge amount of super-filling food, and perfect for a late night post-bar snack. My little circle of friends used to eat them before the parties started, after classes, Fridays. I ate two at a time, once. A friend nearly finished three. Ah...

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