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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Antiques Roadshow

Went to the show last night, saw all the famous personalities. The antiques were lavishly presented and the crowd ooooh'd and ahh'd in appreciation. Most of the featured items were in good shape, only missing a couple of details or a little filligree here and there. On some pieces, worn spots were noticable, but didn't detract much from overall value; given the huge market for the material, slight imperfections are tolerated and even enhance the value, to some dedicated collectors. Most items presented were made during the height of their manufacturer's powers and when the style was at it's peak, and so nearly all were appraised highly; the owners were sure to make a fortune. Two or three were of more recent production; and while they showed many hallmarks of the older preferred style, the market for these newer objects is only a fraction of the market for the older examples; the appraisers received these items politely and the owners were gracious and understanding of the situation.

There was a showing of lesser-known material from a lesser-known, manufacturer before the main show, but due to a schedule conflict (a wedding), we couldn't be there in time. But the main show, at least, was great. And I recommend that all who get a chance to see it do so, before they cancel it forever (for real, this time). If you can't be close to the main action, bring binoculars. And if you don't want to spend a lot on concessions, bring a flask.

Here's my ticket stub:

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