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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Do you need rustproofing with that ?

Avoid PriceRitePhoto, if you're buying camera equipment on-line. They apparently run a classic bait and switch operation: they advertise cameras at well below retail and if you try to buy one, they try to sell you high-priced accessories. And, if you don't bite, they'll refuse to ship the camera and threaten to sue you, or have you arrested, or charge huge 'restocking fees', or ask you to sign contracts where they'll charge your CC if you post negative reviews, etc.. And, they apparently do business under many different names. Joy.

They're Brooklyn-based, as are many other shady mail-order camera stores. Here is a big gallery of pictures of the storefronts of a bunch of Brooklyn camera stores. Many of them are just homes, or mail drops, or back rooms.

Even though they're also NYC-based, I've had very good luck with B&H and Adorama - they're not all scammers.

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