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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


I use Eudora as my email client and I use Norton AV as my anti-virus software. Norton has an option to check incoming emails for virsuses, but it's error-prone; it will often screw up its own settings and lose track of the login name and password it needs to actually go get my email. That's sub-optimal. So, I disable the incoming email check. But... when Eudora downloads an email with a virus attached, Norton's "auto-protect" feature sees that something (Eudora) is trying to write a file containing a virus and it deletes the file immediately (often before the attachment has finished downloading). And then, because it's so very proud of its accomplishment, it throws up a big yellow message box for me to click. But, at the same time, Eudora panics, because it can't download the attachment like it wants to, so it beeps, and tries to download that attachment again; Norton sees that a file with a virus is being written, deletes the file, puts up a message box, Eudora panics, and so on.

During periods of high virus activity, like the past few weeks, where 1 of every 5 messages is a virus, I have to disable the Norton auto-protect feature entirely in order to get my email. Sub-optimal.

Is McAffee better than this ??

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