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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Breaded monk

Went down to the local 'gourmet' grocery store last night, to get something special for dinner. I do it once a week, and it usually means I buy some kind of fish; usually salmon, grouper or trout, but I needed to try something new. So, I bought a piece of monkfish. The guy at the store said it tasted like crab.

I brought it home and hopped on the web to see what I could do with this big ugly hunk of fish. I didn't find any really interesting recipes, but I did discover that what they call "monkfish" is actually better known to science geeks as the "angler fish" (for fans of finding Nemo, it's the shallow-water cousin of that big scary fish with the little lighted lure and the huge teeth that they meet when they go down to where there's no light). And it's a frikkin ugly SOB.

Since I didn't find any recipies that I liked on the web, I decided to wing it and do a pecan breading (with a shot of cinnamon, cayenne and garlic), along with brown rice 'risotto' and some fried zucchini. Delicious. And, the guy at the store was right, it did taste like crab (or lobster) - it was firm, dense and sweet - almost like scallops. Good stuff.

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