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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Poem In Your Pocket

According to Liliputian Lilith, yesterday was "Poem in your pocket day" (the last day of Poetry Month). So, to celebrate...

Here's Bob:

    Bob wants the wind to blow constantly
    because as a kite
    he'd be happy
    on a string in the sky
    pulling against the ground forever

    he'd be the only one happy
    "why does the wind blow so much?
    only good for kites and sailboats
    and damned if i got a sailboat."


    beef jerky is
       soaked in salty beef soup
       for a hundred years
    is what bob wishes
    he could have for dinner
    every night for a week
    ...and pepsi


    what if one day the sun didn't set
    but stayed out all night
    like a lost cat

    that found it's way home
    late the next day
    but scared everyone silly
    the whole night long

    we'd remember that night
    for a long time

    that's what bob wants
    for the day when he dies
    that the sun will stay out
    all night long

    so everyone will "remember
    when bob died?
    the sun didn't set
    but stayed out all night
    like a lost cat...


    when the sun went down
    the cat stayed
    out all night, bob found out
    by waiting on the steps till daylight

    but later after a bit
    the cat came back
    and meowed at bob
    scolding him
    for not letting her have her freedom
    she felt trapped
    and needed some time to herself

    now bob sulks on tiptoes
    to give the cat space
    while the cat looks at him
    and shakes her head


    bob's brother says "Bob,
    when i was a kid
    i had this girl
       and how
    and she dumped me
    and i thought about killing myself
       i thought she was something special, then
    but i never quite did

    and now that i'm older i'm glad
    i never quite did it
    cause since then
    i've got to dump plenty of chicks
    and i never talk to them again

    so i don't know but
    but, i kinda hope
    that they felt like killing themselves
    cause that's what it's all about
    you know?
    that's how it always ends up

    but you gotta be the one dumping
    cause feeling like you want to kill yourself
    over losing someone
    that's the worst
    worse than anything
    cause dead seems like the only place where she isn't
    but it's too scary to go there.
    so Bob,
    don't worry about the cat
    there are other cats. God."

    -- '93-ish, me


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