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Friday, May 21, 2004

The TX-1

Behold The TX-1 Vacuum Tube AGONIZER

    There’s just no explaining it. It’s not a damn fuzzbox, it’s not a tube-amp simulator, and it’s not the slightest bit like anything else you’ve ever seen / heard. Think of the TX-1 Agonizer as a magical 1965-era industrial-music sonic reducer. It screws everything down to a nice, crunchy sonic pureè with aluminum shavings and broken glass mixed in. Yum. Please understand, it’s not a nice, sweet, well-behaved pussy-pussy “vintage tone” effect. You simply can’t get a simulation of a Fender Super Reverb out of this horrible yellow box. Trust us. If you're another one of those little obedient, cowardly, sniveling "tone lovers", the TX-1 is not for you to snivel over, so don't buy one. And if you worship METALLICA, perhaps you should buy some nice pink fairy wings instead of a TX-1.

After hearing the samples they've provided, I can honestly say the above description is accurate. Unfortunately, the $499 retail price is a bit steep for my wallet.

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