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Thursday, June 03, 2004


I am a programmer. I am not a manager. I do not manage things or people. I'm not interested in your "process" or your "system" - just give me my task then back away. I'll tell you when I want to talk to you again. And I don't do meetings. Meetings are where the same three people take turns having trouble getting some point through their skulls and The People Who Like To Explain Things explain the point over and over in different ways and argue with The People Who Like To Argue, about nothing at all.

So today I hear rumors that I have some meetings to attend. I look at my inbox and notice that, yes, I do have some meetings. I have five hours of meetings today. They're gonna discuss this new fancypants documentation and design scheme that they're imposing on us. Hooray, another initiative that someone with too much time on their hands came up with. We'll all freak out and learn the lingo, and for a month it'll dominate conversation. In two months, we'll have forgotten all about it.

I'm gonna save myself the hassle and not bother learning it in the first place.

(yes, i'm a miserable anti-social bastard. you would be too if you hadn't had a good night's sleep in a week.)

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