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Thursday, July 22, 2004

More clever spam

Just try and stop this one with your clever pattern-matching filters:

FBfEqa flrCF0rb 8B7 t8e 9I7 Eo bv D0r77rp d2w7ebq3 kbscEs 7xd7go
e4x71c3b 1G6ss1Bk 8ez sFg Btg v8x Ep 3xI2dktv t1H0z5Ev gt0yb7ye 7u46BGo1
Aws CzG He 0FfIGu t33 wvC gx sy arlG 7d ApCo vgsv 37C GgC
BgH yB DzysrI r4 e1 dE 2A Fsp CF ve2 kFo EC7
kxqBut ulbcaw0o ly3b Ftd yf8 1s Cs ka EFgkefaA f7 to spc2xv
CF3u25 z1oqv5Ec Itpe b9H aaD cp zE HC ol0uouFH tr 7I cvpvq7
o7FfA zC aHIb bqIHf vb E9 xp 33 ze qb Ileus
d2f qe k2DrHu AEql7 H0 tG CDr ls IGw 0Fv rE8
dyH ks1 p1 2blGcl Ddzop sx vw yyDg l3 wsGA 814d FE4 oux
DegasI3v Gq6qwakA Avy r5x 37bIA tq CEIdvvqG Hyzgo4BG 9fFycAgq CH2vrbEb
GwHA9p ewg4ggHG cxH lDq vgE cb F3z11AB H5sq5yzq 6ak7sk eDB6Au

cFbf 5D 36xo wGrF Gb qz dD eG Crudg uv05a rF70A
w7 H Fa sc ss w 51 eI tx G5 Iu pw 6C 2q
3g z6 kF 0t IaBI rt Fq Fc 8I Fo 9y
xB wp Ag ts 8q4 kFavscd 2ag4 qB5eo u0u0
1e sr ce tl off4 ew xw 9c 4qfw uF
dG 6 ad eq 0t F A4 sx tl r3 Ax Er gt d3
vFex 9afEz a3xA v90p d4 dc k6 gc z1dvg bE rw ACF07

The "CLICK HERE" is all one big link to some geocities page. Pretty clever.

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