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Friday, September 24, 2004

Get thee to a nunnery

Standing in the bathroom at work, minding my business, I'm listening to the muzak, and Peggy Lee's "Fever" is playing. Apparently, I'd never really listened to the lyrics of this thing because when she gets to this verse, I break out laughing and narrowly avoid causing a scene (saved by my exceptional handling, ahem, of the situation) at the sheer silliness:

    Romeo loved Juliet
    Juliet she felt the same
    When he put his arms around her
    He said, "Julie baby you're my flame"
    Thou givest fever
    When we kisseth
    Fever with thy flaming youth
    Fever - I'm on fire
    Fever, yea I burn forsoothe

It was the "Thou givest fever" line that got me. She sings it with the same rhythm and sultry delivery that she uses when she sings the familiar "You give me fe-ver" line: "Thou giv-est fe-ver". Yeah, verily. Suddenly, instead of a revved up sex kitten purring about how hot she's running, she's a 15hth century strumpet and I'm wondering if the fever she's going on about isn't the Black Death; "Prithee madam, hast thou pustules?"

She couldn't have knocked me out of that song any quicker if she'd done the verse in Cantonese.

I hope the other guy in there knew what I was laughing at.

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