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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

On the sad effects of downward technological creep

In a piece about the miseries of air travel, Skot at Izzle pfaff gives us this little gem:

    "One of the leveling effects of any kind of downward technological creep is a certain dismay in the fact that while you--the regular joe--suddenly get to enjoy the benefits of [whatever], you also suddenly realize that all of the other regular joes get to enjoy it too. This leads to resentment in that what you expected to be kind of cool and thrilling--a big-screen TV, a hotsy computer--is just that, but it's diluted by the fact that the dickhead over there in thongs gets to enjoy it too. It's orthogonal to misery loves company; think more like self-indulgence hates competition."

Self-indulgence hates competition. An aphorism I can relate to, pathetically.

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