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Friday, December 03, 2004

Pulling The Meat

Belle Waring shares a recipe for Pulled Pork (ie. Carolina BBQ). Sounds good. I'm positively Pavlovian just thinking about it - and now I have no choice but to go get some for lunch.

Since I'm smack in the middle of NC, I have access to all the BBQ I can handle; I'll never have to make any of it myself. But, all you N.E. Blue Staters are faced with the sad choice of either hopping on I-95 for a 12 hour drive to the Carolinas, or getting out the smoker and applewood and cooking pork butts for 15 hours. A dilemma. Well not exactly, because there's always PJ's in Saratoga Springs, NY, which serves "Saratoga Style" BQQ - Carolina style pulled pork BBQ on a western-NY style Kimmelwick/Kummelweck roll (a crusty roll with caraway seeds and coarse salt on top) - a truly excellent variation.

But, as good as PJ's creation is, the true use for a Kimmelwick roll is in the western NY classic : Beef On Wick, which puts all other roast beef sandwiches to shame. Really. After a good Beef on Wick, any other hot roast beef sandwich might as well be Arby's - good for filling up, but not something you'd spend 5 minutes writing a lame blog entry about.

And, speaking of western NY... As soon as the warm weather returns, I'm going to order a few dozen Zweigles white hots, and introduce my Carolina friends to the best hot dog ever created.

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