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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Brain dead doctors

Ampersand writes:

    It would be bizarre to claim that a CAT scan can accurately show that brain anatomy is essentially absent, but cannot support a claim that absent anatomy isn't functioning.

Indeed it would. Read the rest as Ampersand takes the legs out from under the medical affidavits filed by medical experts on behalf of Terri Schiavo.

And when you've finished that, go read Majikthise's expose on the qualifications of those "experts". For example:

  • Not a single one of the so-called experts has even examined Terri. Generally speaking it is considered unethical for a physician to diagnose a patient without examining her. Only a handful of the "experts" even claimed to have reviewed her medical records. Most filed from outside the state of Florida.
  • Two of the experts identified by the Schiavo Foundation website as "Dr." hold no doctoral degree of any kind (speech and language pathologists Hyikn and and Lakas), and a third claims to have a doctorate in "neuroscience" but admits under oath that his PhD is in clinical psychology (Dr. Hooper).
  • Dr. Richard Neubaeur wants to treat Terri with hyperbaric therapy, herbs, and acupuncture. It should also be noted that Dr. Neubaeur is also the owner of the largest neurological hyperbaric clinic in Florida and that his affidavit reads like an infomercial.

Just for the record: if multiple CAT scans show that my cerbral cortex has turned to liquid, don't bother trying to keep my body alive. My cerbral cortex is the only place I exist, and my body isn't really worth preserving.

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