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Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Glorious Rant

Athenae has something to say about those who cheered the Iraq war, but boo pictures of the war:

From On Messengers and Shooting:
    "Freedom isn't free, you say, giving me the impression that whatever other xenophobic homophobic fundie whackjob tendencies you harbored, at least you understood that for your bravado somebody pays a price. I hope you got a receipt, because it sounds like freedom's a little more expensive than you counted on. In fact freedom's so fucking expensive you can't stand to be told what market price is these days.

    Freedom isn't free, you miserable chickenshits. You cheer the war, you love the war, you love the troops, you support the troops. But to recognize their sacrifices would diminish your pleasure so you send the images away."

The rest is just as, umm, expressive.

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