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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Innumeracy has a little story about Apple's new iPods. They write:
    "The 20-gigabyte model can hold about 5,000 songs and costs $299, while the 60-gigabyte version holds 25,000 songs and sells for $399. "

That 5,000 is a bit high - I haven't managed to squeeze more than 4,300 onto my iPod, though a combination of shorter songs with higher compression and lower sound quality could get me closer. But, that's not the issue.

5,000 / 20 = 250 songs per GB.
25,000 / 60 = 416.6 songs per GB.

That extra 40 GB must be some special kind of disk space that can hold more than it claims. Or maybe they meant 15,000 songs.

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