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Friday, June 10, 2005

Reality TV

PowerPop sayeth:
    Honestly, people, if you're interested in tracking complicated political interconnections for big stakes, spend your time figuring out why the fuck the Royal House of Saud gets to set American foreign policy and then fund suicide bombers all while walking hand-in-hand with the prez.

Tee hee.

By simple couch inertia, I've ended up watching two entire episodes of Fox's latest atrocity, Beauty And The Geek: a show in which a group of young, super-hot, but not super-bright women, and a group of brainy but socially inept men pair up and work to eliminate all the other pairs, one elimination per week, by winning little competitions that highlight the women's lack of book learnin and mechanical aptitude, and the men's complete lack of social skills, lack of relationship experience and all-around geekiness. The twist: before each competition, the men have a chance to teach their partners about cars, politics, etc. and the women have a chance to teach their partners about dancing, massage and pop culture. Then the women compete against each other, and then the men compete. The winner of each gets to choose a couple to send to the "Elimination Room", where the two couples have to answer trivia questions. There's not enough personality to generate any politics. Mostly, the women prance around in bikinis and Daisy Dukes and look pitifully at the guys, who are completely overwhelmed by the purrrty gurrrls. It's as shallow and stupid as any reality show I've ever seen - well, that's not true, Joe Millionaire was worse (and I watched all of it); and The Swan was an abomination - so I only watched four episodes of that.

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