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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Two Jehovah's Witnesses walk into a Hare Krishna Curry Joint...

Here is a story about an interesting encounter an American witnessed in a Tokyo restaurant. One interesting passage:

    The Witnesses were determined to convince the Krishnas that God had but one name and that name was Jehovah. The Krishnas pointed out that if God was indeed infinite He ought to have an infinite number of names. The Witnesses said that our real nature was as spiritual beings. The Krishnas didn't seem to have a problem with that. They differed about what the actual form of God was. The Witnesses were convinced His form was unknowable while the Krishnas knew exactly what God's face looked like, and not only that, they knew what He liked for breakfast and what He did in His spare time. Both agreed that God was perfect and man was not. That's one thing pretty much all religions have in common -- this idea of perfection. The people we meet, the people we ourselves actually are, and world we see in front of us don't match this idea called "perfection" we carry around in our brains. In fact nothing we encounter ever does. Yet we stick to believing in perfection rather than believing in what we really encounter.

Love that last little bit.

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