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Monday, August 15, 2005


Went to the Cat's Cradle last night. Here's the men's room:

Sony P7

We saw the legendary Leon Redbone, the deep-voiced man of mystery who sings tunes that were popular 70 years ago.

Sony P7

He did a set full of standards like My Blue Heaven and Shine On Harvest Moon. And, he whistled one song over a pre-recorded track of someone playing the zither; he's an amazing whistler (not that I've ever seen anyone whistle on stage before) - I had no idea people could make those sounds, or hit notes so accurately, without an instrument of some kind. Most of his songs, though, were him on guitar, a trumpet player and a pianist - all excellent players - funny, too. Good show.

There was an alarming number of middle-aged men in Hawaiian shirts in the crowd.

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