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Friday, September 09, 2005

Plantar whosawhatsits?

One weekend at a party, we were talking with a friend of a friend, a runner, who had developed plantar fasciitis in both her feet: damage to the tendons and ligaments on the bottom of your foot, where they attach to your heel bone. She had it so bad, that even after after months of treatments, there were times that she literally could not walk.

So after that, I started wondering what was going on with my own foot. I had started feeling a little tenderness in my right heel. At first, I thought it was just a bruise; but when it didn't get any better after a couple of weeks, I started worrying. A quick trip to the doctorGoogle told me that I had the same thing as she did, though still less severe: constant tenderness at the front of the heel, soreness spreading over the entire bottom of the foot after long periods of inactivity (ex in the morning, or after a few hours sitting at a desk).

Treatment? Stretch, and don't run, for as long as it takes. Probably at least a month. Possibly two months. Possibly six months. Maybe more. So, that's the end of my running.

Now, I'm gonna be a mountain biker !

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