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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tattoo You

As our ninth anniversary presents, Mrs Cleek and I gave each other tattoos - well, we went to get tattoos together - I didn't draw on her, nor she me.

It was my first and her ... 5th (?)

For those who've never had one done, I thought I'd share what it feels like. Take a sterile needle, stick yourself with it, deep enough to hurt, but not so deep that it draws blood. Or, give yourself a really hard and really small pinch (use your fingernails, or tweezers, or needle-nose pliers). Make it hurt, don't be shy - if you wince, you're on the right track. Now, repeat that, in a small area, for half an hour (or 90 minutes, if you want to see what Mrs Cleek endured). If it bleeds, wipe it off. But don't stop.

It's not the worst pain in the world, and after the first five minutes I was able to pretty much put it out of my mind by thinking really hard about the paint on the walls. But it still hurt enough (and still does) that I have a new respect for anyone who can get tattoos on places where the skin is more sensitive than it is on an upper arm. Like, for example, Mrs Cleek's new one on her upper back.

I am surprisingly drawn to the idea of getting more...

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