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Monday, January 02, 2006

Rocka Rolla

Patrick Nielsen Hayden asks a question:

A fine question to ask. He got many witty answers.

I took the Iron Maiden reference as a cue to bop over to iTunes to start samplng all the old Maiden classics I loved back in high school. Sadly, most of them sounded shallow, silly and pretentious to my jaded ears. And even worse, hearing that stuff made me want to hear another of my old high-school fav's: Judas Priest!

I always preferred Priest's straightforward approach over Maiden's somewhat more complex wankery - though Maiden was certainly capable of writing a great metal song, and Priest would often drift into prog-metal sillyness, Maiden would never do something as simple and direct as JP's You've Got Another Thing Coming or Breaking The Law. Rock mag's back in the day would devote issues to the question: Maiden or Priest: Who Rocks Harder? I was usually on JP's side, though it was a fair question, and even then I could see how reasonable people might disagree.

Nonetheless... while I only sampled the Maiden songs last night, after the second bottle of wine was gone, I went ahead and bought The Best of Judas Priest. And then we rocked the night away, kinda.

Speaking of buying music, here's what I've purchased in the past three weeks or so:
  • Sufjan Stevens : Illinois - 4 songs into it. So far so good.
  • Judas Priest: Best of Judas Priest. Ah...
  • Nirvana : Unplugged. I don't know how I managed to wait so long to get this. A classic.
  • My Morning Jacket : Z. Needs more time to grow on me.
  • Bloc Party : Silent Alarm. Angry Brits jumping around.
  • The Police : Regatta De Blanc. Another high school favorite - I'm still in awe of their technical abilities.
  • Rogue Wave : Descended Like Vultures. Not as intimate as the last one, but still an enjoyable listen.
  • Pixies : Doolittle. I needed to wait 15 years before I could listen to this one again - we wore it out in college.
  • Rolling Stones : Let It Bleed. I just don't get the country version of Honky Tonk Woman - and the car horns at the beginning and the end of that song always scare me, when I'm driving.

So, hooray for iTunes.

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