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Monday, May 24, 2004


The wife and I saw Fleetwood Mac Saturday night. She's been a big fan forever, so not even the $75 ticket price (for uncovered reserved seats; covered seats were $100 and lawn seats were $35) could keep us away. Still, we did grumble a little about it - and the $8 beers.

The song selection was as good as you could hope for - a few newish ones; a lot from Rumors and their self-titled record; a couple from Tusk, including a tremendous Sara (where my sister got her name); and a surprisingly great version of a mid 80's song that I previously hated: Big Love, done solo-acoustic by Lindsey. They mostly kept away from Christine McVie songs, since she isn't with them on this tour (or on their last album).

Lindsey Buckingham is a madman. Besides being a great guitar player, he loves to do extended, loud, sloppy, primal Rawk! solos - getting so into them so much that he occasionally abandons the song entirely and just beats on his guitar with both hands. Since doesn't play with a pick, this is somewhat easier. Entertaining, but definitely not what I was expecting. His voice isn't as good as it was thirty years ago, but it can still pull off the songs.

Mick Fleetwood is also a madman. He did a too-long drum duet with a percussionist during which he walked around wearing a vest covered with pressure-sensitive triggers that played various drum samples when he slapped them - all the while shouting into a headset mic things that were nearly incomprehensible because of his accent and because they just didn't make much sense when you could understand the words. Looking like a blend of Marty Feldman and Hulk Hogan certainly helps the madman image.

Stevie Nicks. She can't get to those high notes these days, and she flubbed the words on Don't Stop (which isn't a song she sang originally anyway so I forgive her), but she's still entertaining.

There were 8 other people on stage, too. But they were content to let those three take the spotlight (and the jumbotron close-ups).

Worth the money? Yup.

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