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Monday, August 30, 2004

The Fly

We spent the weekend at our favorite little out-of-the-way ocean town. Of course we over-did the usual over-eating and over-drinking, but we also made an effort to get off our barstools for 30 minutes and do something cool: we took an aerial tour of the area.

The two of us and the pilot squeezed into an old and tiny Cessna - complete with ashtrays in the authentic vinyl armrests; the interior looked and smelled like a miniature 1972 Dodge. We flew out over the town, down the coast a bit, did a couple of circles around the Cape Lookout lighthouse and started back. Pretty cool. The pilot let me 'fly' for a bit - I did a little turn to the left, and a little turn to the right and tried to do as little else as possible before I gave the controls back. Hey, I've played MS Flight Simulator enough to know that flying is tricky, and that most planes end up on their back in the water once you get them off the ground. No thanks, man. I'll just look out the window. Picture below.

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