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Monday, September 27, 2004


In the style of McSweeneys, Ted at Crooked Timber makes a list of things he recommends. Sounds like fun. So, reader(s), here's a short list of things I like.

  • Spoon. "Anything you want" just might be the best 2:16 ever.

  • The iPod. It sure beats carrying a new stack of CDs to work every day. Now make one with a battery that lasts at least 12 hours!

  • McIntosh apples. All other apples are insipid, compared to a good Mac. Unfortunately, Macs are extremely delicate and easily bruised. They're also somewhat rare in NC and are susceptible to all the typical apple maladies: grainyness, sourness, thick rubbery skin, etc.. But when they're available and perfect, nothing compares. No contest.

  • Marzetti's Caramel Apple Dip. Now available in handy single-serving sizes, so you can throw one in your work bag with a Granny Smith apple (which are more consistent than Macs, but are too sour to eat without caramel) and have yourself a sweet treat - as soon as you find a knife to cut up the apple.

  • CAMP maple syrup. It tastes like a maple tree.

  • Something Awful and their Photoshop Phriday's, but especially their recent Christmas in Middle Earth. Also good right now, A Week in the Life of The Sims 2. Rude, crude and adolescent, and side-splittingly funny.

  • Fafblog. The world's only source for Fafblog.

  • Antiques Roadshow. No matter how many times the Tiffany lamp ends up being worth $10,000, I'm still surprised.

  • Seagrove, NC. A small town in central NC, that's home to dozens and dozens of small potters (over 80 of them). We drove out there for the fun of it last weekend, happened to show up on a day when 45 local potters were having a festival at the elementary school - beats driving around to all their different studios. We left with a trunkfull of stuff. If we had more places to put them in our house, we'd have bought twice as much.

  • Sept 28th. birfday.

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