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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Everything's no with you

    Marlon Brando's friends and family are reportedly objecting to rumors that the late actor was reclusive and destitute at the end of his life, saying he liked to go out and that his estate is valued at somewhere around $22 million. But at a gathering of people close to Brando a few days after his death in July, Ed Bedgley Jr. shared a story that either raises questions about Brando's grip on reality or proves he had one heckova deadpan sense of humor: Begley recalled how Brando at one point summoned him to his estate on an urgent matter -- a plan to acquire thousands of electric eels. "'We're going to run the house on the eels,'" he said Brando told him. And when Begley pooh-poohed the plan, Brando muttered, "'Everything's no with you.'" Says Begley, "I don't know if he was kidding. To the day he died he never let on."

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