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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Interview With The Blogger

    "'Before blogs,' he said, 'tendentious cranks such as myself had no outlets for our ill-informed opinions, besides Letters to the Editor and soapbox rants at parties that were winding down. Also we could not count on our reputations as fuckwads to extend much past the physical borders of our respective communities.' He broke the seal on a fresh pint of Jim Beam and took a long swig. 'But now,' he continued, 'we can all write Letters to the Editor round the clock, and see them published immediately, unedited and misspelled. And at three in the morning, we can get drunk by ourselves, and vomit forth our prejudices without having to yell 'hey, where ya goin'?' at people who suddenly decided they have to get home before the sitter gets nervous. And our names are curses on the lips of people who never even met us. ' He raised his bottle grandly. 'To technology!' he roared. 'All hail the mighty microchip and modem! All hail the --' He looked at me, surprised. 'Hey,' he said, 'who're you?'"

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