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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Well, that's that. I had hoped for the other guy to win, but as 1/165,000,000th of the voting public and 1/3,500,000th of a state that was gonna go to Bush no matter what, I guess it really doesn't matter what I'd hoped.

The growing-more-idiotic-by-the-day CNN tells us:
    Just over half -- 51 percent -- of respondents said they were pleased with the outcome of the presidential election

I suppose that would be a surprise if Bush didn't get 51% of the popular vote.

On the bright side, it seems only fair that Bush and his party be forced to clean up the messes they've made. And yet, I have no confidence that they can or will; and worse, the election gives them no incentive to. They've been rewarded for the mistakes they've made, and encouraged to make more.

And I feel bad for Robyn Hitchcock, who told the crowd Monday night at the Cat's Cradle that "the world thanks you for making the right decision." That was when things were looking up. Now I guess the world will have to un-thank us.

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