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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Pierce Film Cover To Vent

Like everyone else in my office, probably 80% of my lunches are those little microwavable frozen dinners. I stick with Stoeffer's and Zatarain's; other people are devoted to Budget Gourmet or Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine or whatever. One guy I work with eats nothing but Bird's Eye frozen vegetables in sauce, every single day.

After years of eating these things, they've become routine - so much that Mrs Cleek and I just call them "frozens" - "Don't forget to buy some more frozens!", "Had another stupid frozen for lunch", "So sick of frozens", "Which horrible frozen should I have today?" etc.. They're so routine and boring to me that it's hard to believe everyone doesn't feel this way. Well, Defective yeti finds that this lack of enthusiasm for the frozen lunch in it's black plastic tray isn't universal.

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