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Friday, March 11, 2005

New Star Wars

We were talking about it at lunch today. Sadly, I missed the trailer, cause there's no way I'm watching no O.C.. But I think I know the basic plot anyway - it's the stuff that has to connect Ep 2 with Ep 4. Duh. Someone asked the question "why are Yoda and ObiWan the only two Jedi to survive? and how did they manage it?"

Well, I think Vader spared Yoda and ObiWan so they could serve as living fossils, so that nobody could ever forget what Jedis stood for. All the rest were killed to physically intimidate other wanna-be Jedis, otherwise, they'd turn into outright traitors to the Empire.

Or maybe that's what I heard from Limbaugh and Coulter. I forget.

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