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Monday, April 11, 2005

Starting line-up

The iPod starts the week with:

  1. Townes' Blues - Cowboy Junkies
  2. Ride - Liz Phair
  3. Djed - Tortoise
  4. How To Make A Baby Elephant Float - Yo La Tengo
  5. Cluck Old Hen - Allison Krauss
  6. Evita - Smaller Animals
  7. Mama Cita - Blonde Redhead
  8. Here Comes a Regular - Replacements
  9. Yuri-G - PJ Harvey
  10. Tough Guy - Beastie Boys

So, I think that's 9 songs from 1990-1996 and one from a band that has been declining steadliy since then. Sigh. I do put new music on the thing, but the damn iPod never plays any of it.

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