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Friday, June 10, 2005

Good job, sport

Crooked Timber's Friday Fun Thread is "share your funniest athletic embarassments as a young person". Here are mine:

  • I played little league baseball one year. In the last game of the season, last inning, two outs, I hit a low fly ball directly to the right fielder - to lose the championship game. That was the last of my little league career.

  • In 9th grade gym class, the coach had us run a lap around the bus loop, roughly 1/4 mile, for time. I took off like a bullet and blew the rest of the class away - not hard to do, because I think I was the only one who put any effort into it; for whatever reason, I just really like the feeling of running fast. The coach, who was also the track team coach, pulled me aside and told me I needed to join the track team. So I did.

    For the next few weeks, we did lots of long slow distance, many laps on the track, learned how to use starting blocks, ran a lot of 100m sprints and 800m runs to see where we'd fit in, etc.. It was my first school athletic team.

    Then, the day of the first meet came. I was gonna run the 400m! (and the 200m and the 1600m relay - whew) The 400m came up. So I got in my lane, waited for the gun, and took off running like a maniac - I got out ahead of everyone, cut to the inside, held my lead and won by many yards, grinning like a fool. Somehow, in the weeks of traning, nobody ever told me that you need to stay in your lane for the 400m. So, I was disqualified, and everybody had a good laugh at the new guy.

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