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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Voice of Chucky

Skot describes watching "Bride of Chucky" and mentions that Chucky's voice is done by Brad Dourif. Who? Brad Dourif (no, not Joni Dourif).

He's a character actor, probably best known these days as Grima Wormtounge, the slippery advisor to the spellbound King Theoden, in "The Lord Of The Rings". But, he's been in dozens of other movies and TV shows. He had a big role in "Mississippi Burning" (which my wife and I watched this weekend - good times!) where he plays the deputy sheriff / KKK member who gets some nasty razor burn and a well-deserved pounding from Gene Hackman. He's also done a few Star Treks, an X Files, he's the doctor on Deadwood, and got an Oscar nomination for his role in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Despite a long and active career, he's managed to keep a pretty low profile - like, he doesn't seem to show up on the cover of People very often. And yet, he's got a fan base who likes him well enough to have designed Brad Dourif wallpaper for your computer. He even has a Japanese fan site!

So, here's to Brad Dourif, player of "demented, deranged, or disturbed characters" !

( I suppose we can forgive him if he used to look a bit like Chris Kattan )

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