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Thursday, August 18, 2005

When gas was cheap and people were valuable

Mr Belvedere remembers when men were men and life was great and everybody made do and there was one goddamned "right" and no loony moral relativist is gonna tell him otherwise, so take your pursuit of happiness and hit the road, Jack, else his moral clarity will fuck you up! And if gas hits $5 a gallon we'll have to fucking cope with it, cause that's what they pay in Europe and don't fucking even talk about public transportation cause that's for pussies - you'll just have to walk to the store or die trying, just like he had to do and nobody fucking cared! Nobody! And he just payed $51 to fill up his car, and no it wasn't no goddamned SUV, it's a 1973 Delta 88 with plastic on the seats and the original tires, and it's got 645 miles on it because he only drives it on Veterans Day, so fuck you and your greedy indulgent lifestyle. Think you can handle $5/gal ? Can you? Bet you can't, pussy. And GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!

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