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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Ok. i don't want to make cleek into a political blog, but i really like how this turned out. So, take this poem in the spirit of fun, not in the spirit of partisanship.

    To all ye merry BushLeaguers, all fattened in your heads,
    let it be known that to the networks the following was said:

    "broadcast this speech, if you please, or show it not. your choice.
    we will not command nor request that you transmit his earnest voice.

    not the platitudes nor hollow phrases which our boy, george, recites
    shall be incumbent on you to deliver. carry on, as any monday night.

    but be forewarned, ye quislings librul, we know your heart-held plans
    that he should fail so you might deliver us into bin Laden's hands.

    so we provide to you six chances all, to show your loyalty's lie:
    each week anew a new speech for you to accept or to decline.

    and if you fail to meet our demands, not explicit, but implied,
    our loyalest men will stand and shout and raise a furious cry.

    and all shall know your traitor mind, and see your wicked ways.
    and you will run and hide and cower and whimper in your shame.

    thus the crooked librul media, base tool of liars and of fools,
    will crumble into merest dust and conservatives shall rule."

    and the first speech was spoken and sent out to the public's ear.
    and some recoiled and some rejoiced but one thing was quite clear:

    though some saw it, and some did not, and some saw only clips,
    all knew nothing important will be said until speech number six.

Update... series cancelled after first show.

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