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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Catch a wave

Motorola v550

Caught this little ad hanging on a wine rack at a local supermarket today.

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I did hear that Pinot Noir is a part of it somehow (I'll guess the title has something to do with storing wine bottles on their sides). Still, I was surprised to see this.

I'd like to pretend I'm insulted by it, since I've been a fan of Pinot for a long time (harrumph). And I learned about it the hard way - by buying and drinking lots and lots of different kinds of wine - not by being steered by something as crude and pedestrian as advertising. I like to think I'm not so easily led - but, I'm kidding myself.

When I bought my first Nick Drake CD, it had a little sticker on it with a Volkswagon logo that said "With Pink Moon, as featured in the VW Cabriolet commerical!" While I initially snickered at the blatant commercialism, I have to admit, that great commercial - where the group of pretty hipsters drive around what looks like the Florida Keys at night listening to Pink Moon instead of going to that rockin house party - nudged me into buying that CD in the first place.

So, maybe someone will see the sign, try a Pinot and say "Hey, yeah, this soft supple wine really is a nice change from the usual Merlot / Chardonnay routine. It's worth the extra two dollars a bottle!" And then there will be more Pinot Noir at the parties and get-togethers I end up at, and even better, maybe someone will buy a bottle as a gift for me!

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